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Know Your Story, Own Your Story

by Christina Hicks, 2 minute read
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Doubt, fear, not thinking you are good enough or that you or your experiences don't matter is something that we all feel at some point in our lives. These doubts keep us from doing amazing things. Overcoming this fear, this doubt, and accepting what we have done and been through in our lives is the beginning of using our past struggles and experiences to make a difference in the lives of others.

Find the courage to tell your story.

Being authentic, being different, taking that first step takes courage. Actively tell yourself that your unique perspective is valuable. No one is going to believe you are knowledgeable if you don't first profoundly believe in yourself. Journaling your story is an excellent start in discovering what you want to say. Journaling gives you the opportunity to write your story for personal evaluation and allows for time to evaluate the pros and cons of expressing your thoughts and opinions and the best path forward.

Tune in to the wisdom of your life experiences.

Once you have spent some serious time searching the depths of yourself and your life experiences through journaling, take the time to read and reflect on your work. What lessons have given you tremendous insight? What overarching themes emerge? Did you make the same mistake over the years, but in a different way? What successes have you enjoyed and how did you get there? Look inward and evaluate specific instances where you can pinpoint those life-changing moments or lessons.

Be true to yourself.

No matter what you discover about your past, you can't worry about what others think or how they are going to interpret your insights. Decide what is important to you, what message you want to share, and don't compromise. Don't compare yourself to someone else and their story, just do you. Own your own story, own your own life, own your choices and path, and be proud of what you have accomplished.
Know your story. Dig deep. Pull it together, evaluate, and own it. The power is in you to take action, overcome the self-doubt, and get to work. Tell us your story.
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