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Don't Eat the Ice Cream.

by Christina Hicks, 2 minute read
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I love ice cream and National Ice Cream day was yesterday. Stores all across the country celebrated this chilled cream holiday by offering free cones, discounted shakes, and tastings galore. How is one supposed to refrain from over-indulging on these tasty temptations? Discipline. Pure discipline.
The Baskin Robbins or Braum's commercials on TV sure are appealing, but it is a lot easier to avoid the temptation by turning it off. At the same time, having the discipline not to check your phone every five minutes or get lost on the internet searching for cat videos while you are trying to complete a blog post is extremely challenging. 
For this introductory post, I present to you a few ways to help keep your writing on track through the fine art of discipline, something I will be working hard at throughout this literary journey.

Limit as many distractions as possible.

Leave your phone in another room. Write in a program that does not rely on an internet connection.  Turn off the television. Whatever your go-to distraction is, find a way to remove it from the sacred writing space.

Set yourself up for success.

Before you set sail on your writing journey, make sure you have organized your assignments. If directed or self-assigned, having a plan of action for what you are writing not only keeps you organized but also helps you to avoid writer's block. Plan out your week, month, quarter, or even year ahead of time and when the free-flow of content comes to a screeching halt, pick something else and continue forward.

Assign yourself time to write.

Blocking off a set amount of time in your daily or weekly schedule to write not only locks in your deadline but works to hold you accountable to yourself. Now, I understand we are all busy professionals trying to make our way in the world, but sticking to your plan and spending the time allotted working towards your writing goals will help you feel that sense of accomplishment in the long run. 
In the coming weeks, months, (and dare I say years?) join me here for writing tips, challenges, publishing information, author interviews, guest contributors, and so much more as we work to redefine the world of writing and publishing. At Monocle Press we are here to help you tell your story, and hopefully, the insights offered here will get you going in the WRITE direction. 
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